About us

Eolas Solutions Ltd T/A DMN Accounting and Taxation Services is a dedicated provider of services to new and emerging small and medium sized businesses. Our aim is to quickly bring clients to a position where they are at ease with the various tax registrations/returns, compliance deadlines and the keeping of records that enable them to meet their obligations and have a clear and current picture of the performance of their business. We pride ourselves on our philosophy of diligence and professionalism in our work and communication and transparency with our clients.

Our aim is to maximise the benefit that our clients obtain from their relationship with us and to achieve this we engage our clients in early and constant dialogue to ensure that all areas are fully understood and any issues that arise are resolved in a satisfactory manner. Most business people are fully aware of the importance of keeping proper books and records, but many become disillusioned and frustrated with how the time and effort required in achieving this, impacts negatively on their successful operation of their business. We offer clients a level of service that matches their style and type of business and that fits in with their own lifestyle and personal commitments.

The type and level of service availed of by clients can be decreased at any time as clients become more competent with keeping their own records or conversely, increased if a client finds that the record keeping and compliance work is taking up too much of their time and restricting their ability to manage and grow their core business.

All of this can be discussed with us free of charge at an initial no commitment appointment. Should you wish to avail of our services, we will discuss and agree the level of service, the cost and the method of payment.